Maison des Jésuites de Sillery

**ed note: It’s 60F outside right now, on July 12th.   The weather oscillations are crazy this summer, and I use the word “summer” a bit loosely.  Today, however, I speak of a better day, as in July 6th when we had to sit in the shade to draw at the Maison des Jésuites de Sillery.

There are a lot of tiny museums scattered around the Quebec City area but none better hidden than the Maison des Jésuites de Sillery which, not surprisingly, is in Sillery, a burg of Quebec City.  This house, which is now a museum, sits on the site of the first Jesuit settlement in Nouvelle France dating back to the 17th Century.  The museum is interesting and we sketch there once in a while.

It is a bit out of the normal path for tourists but there are tourist flyers available that list it as a good place to visit.  In any case, visit we did, last week.  It’s on a residential street below a cliff face, creating a really nice place to visit and with all the rain we’ve gotten, the area is green, green, green.  I took up residence under a railroad bridge, which provided both a good view and shade.  Gotta have shade.

I wasn’t all that thrilled with the result.  I was trying to get way from pale washes and I got heavy-handed without any idea what I was doing.  So, here it is, such that it is 🙂