Quick-Sketching A Larger Scene

It’s well-known that I’m a slower than molasses sketcher, but I am making a concerted effort t speed things up.  The big problem is that when I do everything else goes downhill and I get frustrated.  Such is my life but I keep trying.

A few posts ago I talked about some sketching I’d done one morning, including a quick sketch from a photo of a scene not far from my house.  I decided to go to that location and do it again.  Here it is, this one done in a Stillman & Birn Alpha (8.5×5.5) and with a dab of color added.

2 thoughts on “Quick-Sketching A Larger Scene

    • Different strokes, I guess. I think an overlooked skill is the ability to assess subject and time availability and adjust one’s style to the situation. There are some who can do this and I am in awe of that ability.

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