May The Gods Be With You

If you’re at our Museé de la Civilisation they most certainly are with you, or at least their stone faces are everywhere.  Weather predictions suggest we’re in for a week of rain.  The proverbial “April showers bring May flowers” are running late, like everything this spring.  I hope we get those flowers before it starts snowing again (grin).

I’m spending my mornings drawing up a storm, trying to figure out how to use pencils.  Great learning experience with lots of fun and some frustration.  This drawing is, I guess, a generic ‘god’ as he bears no name.  I’d sure like to know more about how sculpters worked.  There are stylistic similarities and differences that suggest many artists but all working to a common set of guidelines and goals.  The exhibition is a spectacular place to work on one’s ability to see half-tones, mentally follow complex hair and beard patterns, and generally to be able to sort out the proportional demands of these subjects.  I’m not quite up to these tasks but it’s fun to try.  This drawing was done on Strathmore ‘vellum’ bristol paper.  I tried Faber-Castell 9000 series pencils on this one but I’m far to ignorant of pencils to actually see a difference between these and my Staedtler pencils.