Sketching The Bar Laitier

One of the things I’ve always wondered about are the small ice cream places that exist in Quebec City.  We have a fairly short summer and most of them simply close up in the fall and sit idle all winter.  Things must be moving slowly for them this spring as we haven’t had much ice cream weather thus far.  But the stores persist, in spite of the short selling season.  I wonder how.

This is one of the cutest.  It’s on chemin St. Louis in the old city and is very inviting, or it will be when it warms up a bit more.  Done in a Stillman & Birn Alpha (9×6) with a Hero 9296 pen and Lex Gray ink.  New pen for me but so far I like it.  I always like new pens.



6 thoughts on “Sketching The Bar Laitier

  1. Enjoy your ice cream when it does warm up. It does seem to be a very cute shop

    • Hi Lynne,
      I try not to eat too much ice cream as I have to watch my waistline. I’ve already got more than enough to watch 🙂

      Cheers — Larry

  2. What a charming little store! Love the sketch, and the use of color. – And, another new pen?? 🙂

    • Thanks, Pat. And yes, I bought yet another pen. Can’t get enough. Besides this one was really cheap. I’ll probably do a short blog post on it.

      Cheers — Larry

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