Muffin And Coffee At The Cafe Supreme

We had a mild day (it wasn’t windy) and so I thought I should take advantage of that fact and headed off for a long, very long walk.  It was 5F.  I walked to a mall that was a considerable distance away, the plan being that I’d hop a bus to get back.

The walk was fun and with my big fur-lined hat with flaps (the proverbial anti-chic magnet) and a coat that is heavy enough to be used as an anchor, I was toasty warm.  When I arrived at the mall, I decided to reward myself for my effort with a tasty muffin and a cup of coffee.

I thought about the Pat Ng and Liz Steel approach to restaurant drawing and decided that I would draw the sign for the Cafe Supreme before ordering.  So I sat down and did just that.  Then I got my muffin and coffee and, in spite of temptation, they remained intact while I drew them.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (4x6), TWSBI Mini, Platinum Carbon Black ink

Stillman & Birn Alpha (4×6), TWSBI Mini, Platinum Carbon Black ink

The coffee hadn’t even cooled; my approach was going well.  So, with a mouth full of muffin and a swig of coffee, I started drawing a portion of Cafe Supreme itself.  A bright red coat, wrapped around a woman walked up and started to order so I drew it, put a head and legs on it.  There need to be more red coats in our world.  I finished up by drawing the bits and pieces that make Cafe Supreme the place it is.  Winter sketching is sure different, but it’s fun too.


5 thoughts on “Muffin And Coffee At The Cafe Supreme

  1. Fun sketches! I don’t think I’ve ever sketched my food… I usually can’t wait to scarf it down! You and Liz have more willpower than I do. 🙂

    • Hee hee… It’s certainly not my style, Tina. In this case I had a plan that started with sketching BEFORE ordering, which gained me some self-control over my interest in the muffin.

      Cheers — Larry

  2. Nice sketch. I enjoy the Liz food and teacups, too. I almost drew my strawberry waffle today, but I ate it instead. Since we both like pocket sketchbooks I must tell you that this past weekend I went to a Utrecht art store in Baltimore and found they were unloading S&B 4×6 Alphas and Gammas for $5.07! I bought one of each and so did my sketcher hubby. I couldn’t believe our luck.

    • Arlene, getting S&B Alphas for $5 is, indeed, a great find. I wish they’d produce a thinner, 3×5 version. Maybe 30 pages would be about right. Easier to carry and I could stop using the cheap paper notebook I use for my ‘in the pocket’ sketchbook.

      As for the food issue, I’m with you. Pat Ng showed me the way, however. You order food that isn’t hot so it can’t cool down while you sketch it. From now on, I only eat desserts.

      Cheers — Larry

      • For the truly pocket sketchbook I have settled on the Pen&Ink brand with heavy weight paper (also comes with lighter paper) for the vertical format. On our Mediterranean trip recently I finally started my Moleskine watercolor small pad and I loved it, even though it is landscape. Loved the paper. I have the same travel vest as Tina and it fit nicely in an outside pocket with 3 sketching tools in another pocket. Good for quick access without getting into my backpack for my pencil case sketch kit. Hubby was using a 4×6 Fabriano and it fit into his vest pocket so you might consider a travel vest for your S&B Alpha. I believe his is Royal Robbins and had slightly bigger pockets than mine from Magellans.


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