Muffin And Coffee At The Cafe Supreme

We had a mild day (it wasn’t windy) and so I thought I should take advantage of that fact and headed off for a long, very long walk.  It was 5F.  I walked to a mall that was a considerable distance away, the plan being that I’d hop a bus to get back.

The walk was fun and with my big fur-lined hat with flaps (the proverbial anti-chic magnet) and a coat that is heavy enough to be used as an anchor, I was toasty warm.  When I arrived at the mall, I decided to reward myself for my effort with a tasty muffin and a cup of coffee.

I thought about the Pat Ng and Liz Steel approach to restaurant drawing and decided that I would draw the sign for the Cafe Supreme before ordering.  So I sat down and did just that.  Then I got my muffin and coffee and, in spite of temptation, they remained intact while I drew them.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (4x6), TWSBI Mini, Platinum Carbon Black ink

Stillman & Birn Alpha (4×6), TWSBI Mini, Platinum Carbon Black ink

The coffee hadn’t even cooled; my approach was going well.  So, with a mouth full of muffin and a swig of coffee, I started drawing a portion of Cafe Supreme itself.  A bright red coat, wrapped around a woman walked up and started to order so I drew it, put a head and legs on it.  There need to be more red coats in our world.  I finished up by drawing the bits and pieces that make Cafe Supreme the place it is.  Winter sketching is sure different, but it’s fun too.