My Creativity Doldrums

I watched the old Moby Dick movie, starring Gregory Peck the other night.  There’s a part of the movie where the Pequod (his ship) can’t move because of a loss of wind… the doldrums as they are called by sailors.  I feel similarly stuck as I’m struggling to “find time” (code for being too lazy) to draw.

It’s easy to blame COVID isolation, the daily doses of bad news, and even (especially?) the feckless leadership from the White House on so many fronts.  The news is definitely overwhelms the senses.

But then I think of my own situation and, well, I can’t complain.  I live in a country that takes COVID seriously and our governments at all levels have treated it without politics.  The results have been very positive.  And the other day I watched as our Prime Minister stood, amidst throngs of Black Lives Matter protesters as a full participant, no walls built around him, no guns or amoured police – just the Prime Minister, knowing that he was safe.  I’m sure there were a couple secret service people nearby but…  So this is my world.  Why am I in the doldrums?

A bit more reflection, however, provided clues.  I just finished a list of stuff we have to buy at the garden center and renovation store today, though it’s supposed to rain a lot today so that might be put off until tomorrow.  That may be a good thing as my knees and wrist hurt quit a bit from a long day of building the first of two raised-bed gardens we’re building.  The wheelbarrow I restored a week ago got its first workout yesterday.  I thought about the front door lighting fixtures I’ve got to install, the set of stairs I’ve got to replace and the painting that needs to be done.  As George Takei is fond of saying, “Oh my.”  I think I’ve found the reason I’m not sketching more (grin).

Left: Bic pen; Right: DeAtramentis Document Black. The book is a FIeld Notes “Dime Novel” notebook.

Not wanting to post without pictures, here’s the last two “scribbles” I’ve done while out walking my arthritic leg back into shape.  Hopefully those creativity winds will start blowing real soon.


4 thoughts on “My Creativity Doldrums

  1. It doesn’t sound as if you are lazy at all …. just busy with the ‘new normal’ i.e. getting things done at home.

    Oh how I wish my government was as sensible as yours.

    • Truth is, Elva, I’m making up for 2+ years of not being able to walk well due to arthritis. My “honey do” list is a mile long 🙂

      The Canadian government has its own problems, but they’ve been very responsive to this pandemic. I’m grateful for that.

  2. If it’s laziness, I hear ya. If it’s COVID doldrums, I hear ya. Same here some days Larry. Every little sketch/scribble helps.

    Kudos to the Canadian government for the good job.

    My government attacked with full force early with lock-down all around. We’re re-opening slowly, cautiously with stringent health and safety protocols and guidelines to be observed by citizens and businesses. The borders remain closed but citizens are now being allowed to return home in small batches and are sent into state quarantine for 14 days, right of the plane.
    * 8 deaths from 117 positives and all the remaining 109 have been discharged.

    • Shazam, Cheryl. In all of our interactions I’ve always assumed you were American. Glad your country has done, and is doing, a great job. I assume yours is a small country. Canada still has a bunch of citizens who are stranded because there are no flights to get them home. I’ve got a friend who is stuck in Spain right now.

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