#OneWeek100People2017: Day 1: Sketching At The Mall

I’m not a fan of sketching “challenges” because, to me, this turns my hobby into a job and I’ve had enough of those in my life.  But when Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes proposed that people draw 100 people in 5 days, I just couldn’t refuse.  If you want to see the people sketches  from other people, just give the hashtag in the title to Mr Google.

I knew that to draw 100 people in a week I’d have to concentrate on quick-sketching them.  I also knew that I had a problem because I’d already committed to a sketching session on Tuesday that would have me spend the day away from people so I had to accomplish this task in four days rather than five.

I headed to the mall this morning with the idea that maybe I could get more than the daily requirement of 20 people done.  I found a seat in front of a stand-alone coffee vendor.  Because they have no seats, their customers ask for coffee, it’s handed to them, and they leave.  Occasionally a line will develop but I was there between coffee break and lunch, I guess, because it was mostly one person at a time and they were there less than a minute.  It was like being in a shooting gallery but with a pen in my hand.

One thing surprised me.  I got an audience, which was a bit disconcerting because they wanted to talk to me and I was trying to keep up with the people showing up for coffee.  It was a unique challenge but they were easy to please as audiences always are.

One thing was clear.  The intimidating number of 100 was not as formidable as I’d thought before I started.  I was producing one of these people every couple minutes in spite of conversations with my audience and the occasional lull in coffee traffic.

When I got to 37 it was time for a break so I bought a coffee and spent some time showing people what I was doing and answering the typical questions.  I was happy with the head start I’d gotten on the week, but if I wasn’t going to be able to sketch tomorrow, I was already behind (grin).  Heck, let’s face it.  This is kinda nuts.

As I was leaving I walked by the food court and I couldn’t pass it up.  Just 3 more so I could have enough for today and tomorrow.  I sat down and started drawing people who were ordering poutine, a disgusting concoction of fries with salty gravy and cheese curds.  I filled the page before I finally packed up and went home.

This evening I was watching TV news and started drawing the talking heads.  This added another 6 to the head count (pun intended) so I’ve drawn 50 people so far.  More to come.  How are you doing with your 100 people challenge?

4 thoughts on “#OneWeek100People2017: Day 1: Sketching At The Mall

  1. With a little luck I won’t even see 100 people in the next five days …… but I guess I could if I counted TV. But I think I’ll stick to chickadees and great blue herons ….. and bugs!

    • …sometimes being out of sight of humans feels really good. I felt that way after being driven out of our museum by hundreds of screaming kids running all around because it’s spring break here 🙂 Drawing 100 chickadees might be fun 🙂

  2. Whoa, 50 — that’s fantastic, Larry! A few of your even got fur collars! 😉 I only got to 28 — and I probably only have 4 out of 5 days this week, too. But I’m not going to worry about it until I’m actually behind. I’m having a ton of fun — I hope you are, too!

    – Tina

    • Lots of faux fur collars in Quebec. I find them hard to draw because when people throw their hoods back, those collars start to look like a fuzzy hot dog. I’m not sure where I’m going to go with this “challenge.” As I mentioned, I’m not a fan of challenges. The first day was great but from that moment on it has taken on too many aspects of a job. I couldn’t do it on Tuesday so I worried about how I’d “make up” that day. This morning I went out in freezing rain because I “had” to draw people. I went to our museum to draw people and found it jam-packed with hundreds of kids running all around, bumping into me and raising the stress level of the place beyond the breaking point. I drew a few people but left in disgust. Then, when walking home in the rain I started worrying that I wouldn’t get people drawn today. Then it hit me that it really HAD become a job. I don’t need jobs to diminish the fun I have sketching. I’m at 60 people so I’m “on schedule” but I’m not sure I’ll continue.

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