Pointy Devices Do Weird Things Sometimes

As a street sketcher I feel more than a little lost in our modern COVID world.  Our plein air group had to cancel its season of outings and the portrait group has moved to Zoom (my French isn’t good enough for that), and cancelled their outdoor sessions as well.  I try, very hard, to get excited about drawing at home but I guess I’m just not built for it.  Mostly I’m dabbling with watercolor, gouache and even oils, trying to learn something about paint while largely not producing anything of significance.

The portrait group decided to do monthly prompts just to get us doing something and this week the prompt was “chair.”  Most of the time, when one of my pointy devices gets near paper, I draw something that is in front of me.  Somehow, this time, this dripped from my pen.  Maybe it was because I was using my Kaweco Lilliput that has a high cute factor.  This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be so maybe I should do more of it.

Hahnemuehle Cappuccino sketchbook, Platinum 3776, DeAtramentis Document Black

6 thoughts on “Pointy Devices Do Weird Things Sometimes

    • I’m afraid I don’t have the imagination. These big-eyed characters are easy enough because others have “defined” the simple eye, nose, and mouthparts. Even the skullcap hair is easy enough. But I’ve wanted a character equivalent to your bunny have in spite of several attempt, I’ve never managed to come up with anything suitable for use as you do with bunny. Maybe I need more drugs 🙂

    • I love my Lilliput. It’s so cute, so convenient. I bought it back when we sketched with Liz Steel and didn’t use it much because the nib was too fine, even for me. That surprised me as Kaweco nibs aren’t know to be really fine. But last I time I played chauffeur for Jodie, returning her to Montreal, I went to Notabene and bought a medium nib for it and I’ starting to enjoy drawing with it.

    • I take from this that you don’t think much of my cartoon chair. I can understand that. I really have no imagination but tried to make the chair as goofy as a girl with a head twice the size of her body 🙂

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