Drawing Leaves In The Park

I had fun at the park this week.  I sat down to enjoy the fresh air and all the greenery and noted that in spite of the end of September date, our leaves have ignored the day length changes and had not started to change colors yet.  It has, indeed, been an odd weather year.  It was 25C as I sat in the sunshine.

But I noticed a couple red leaves on the ground.  There must have been blown there because I couldn’t see where it came from.  It gave me a leaf to draw so I put it on the bench next to me and quickly sketched and painted it.  This motivated me to look for more and while I did find a couple more red leaves on the ground, what caught my eye was a tiny little maple tree, sticking out of a garden area.  I decided to sketch a few of its leaves and add a splash of red to them as well.  If I were a real nature journalist I’d write stuff on this spread.  I guess I am not a nature journalist (grin).

I’m becoming quite fond of the Hahnemuhle Cappuccino sketchbook.  It’s definitely not a watercolor sketchbook but it’s a dream to draw on with pen and as long as I don’t get carried away with the water, adding watercolor works pretty well.  I suspect I’ll buy another when this one is full.

lHahnemuehle Cappuccino sketchbook, Platinum 3776, DeAtramentis Document Black

4 thoughts on “Drawing Leaves In The Park

  1. Nice finds in the park! Our trees are later than usual, too… barely hinting at color. And we’re having a “second summer” here this week — temps in the high 70s expected!

    • Yeah, we got some of that idyllic late summer weather too. Maybe it’s payback for the miserable way sping/summer started 🙂 It was nice to get out. Heavy rain today so I think I’ll do a portrait.

    • Yes, certainly the price we pay for living in the provinces that hold 2/3 of Canada’s population is that we are also the center of COVID activity. Unlike Florida, though, rather than opening up more, Quebec just closed restaurants and bars, is limiting group sizes, and other logical things to fight the problem. Me, I’m staying indoors, hunkered down with my sketchbook 🙂

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