Quick-Sketching Quebec Tourists

people sketchesI’m participating in Sketchbook Skool’s ‘story-telling’ course and this week we were blessed to have Melanie Reim as our instructor.  Melanie draws at the speed of light, with loose, flowing ink lines and mostly these depict people on the street.  She’s an excellent instructor but more important, she’s an incredible inspiration.

people sketchesSo, I found myself sitting on benches in our downtown area drawing people.  I’m a slow sketcher so my attempts at quick-sketching anything always come up short.  Nevertheless, I really enjoy doing this.  In fact, it’s the only kind of sketching of people that I do as they are not my favorite subjects.  Here are some of the sketches I did.  Hope you like them.

people sketchespeople sketchespeople sketches

2 thoughts on “Quick-Sketching Quebec Tourists

  1. I really enjoyed Melanie’s SBS lesson, too! So inspiring and enlightening to see the demos of the way she twirls her pen nib around! Wish I could do that with my fountain pen!

    – Tina

    • Yes, I loved Melanie and how much she gave to the teaching. Her comments in the gallery pretty much doubled the value of her week in my view. And you’re right, to watch how quickly her pen moves around the page is mind-boggling. I find that if I get moving too quickly I stop “seeing” what I’m trying to draw and everything falls apart.

      Cheers — Larry

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