Refining My Scribbles

The COVID stuff has caused me to be somewhat apprehensive about spending a long time in one place while sketching and I’ve got to walk a lot each day as I build strength in my bad leg.  These two things combine to have me doing very quickly, fairly sloppy scribbles where I capture something in a couple minutes.

As time has gone by, however, I’ve gotten a bit more comfortable being out and about and so the other day I slowed down a bit.  I’m still capturing subjects quickly but I’m choosing smaller subjects so I can be a bit more careful with my lines.  On this day I drew a couple tree bases.  I think I’m going to draw a bunch of tree bases as these were fun.
















While I’m posting, here’s another one I did in my backyard.  Chantal tells me they are snowballs… in summer (grin).

6 thoughts on “Refining My Scribbles

  1. I like your tree bases… who needs all that foliage, anyway? 😉 I’ve been leery about spending a lot of time in one spot, too. I’ve been making good use of dead ends and alleys! 😉 And making smaller sketches, too, to get done quickly. It’s fun in a different way… I fill a page spread with 3 or 4 small sketches instead of just one.

    • I think lots of little sketches is a good idea for these times. It’s sad to watch so many Americans making fools of themselves as they taunt a virus. It’s good to know that some are more careful. Stay safe, Tina.

  2. Hey there Larry. Those are some pretty tree bases and your lines ain’t too shabby.

    We’ve opened somewhat (except borders) with strict protocols. The government have thrown down the gauntlet though for bars and their patrons who are playing the fool with their wreckless behavior – comply or we will reduce opening hours, slap you and your patrons with hefty charges and lock you down if the first two doesn’t zap you to your senses.

    I expect to see the headlines soon – “Gov’t makes good on threat” “Bar owner(s) charged” “Bar closed until further notice”.

    I haven’t ventured out yet (home since 15th March) and you know what, I’m good.

    • Doing these has brought me more joy than I expected them to bring. I’ve done half a dozen of them at this point and will probably do more. I think we should both be thankful that the countries we live in are more rational about this virus than …well, you know who 🙂

    • I know, Robin. The paintings you’ve done of tree trunks are what gave me the idea to draw some. I’m more of a pen guy than a paint guy and thus my approach.

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