Sketching An Inuit Art Piece

Quebec has a rich Native American community, from the Shawnee who helped Pre-Canadians fight Americans during the war of 1812 to the Inuit (Americans might still call them Eskimos) who manage to live in the very cold northern parts of Quebec.

2014-01-10InuitTree_72Our Musée de la Civilisation has a large permanent exhibit dedicated to Native American history and art.  This is a beautiful piece of wood and soapstone carving.  It’s about two feet tall and the soapstone face has a long tail on it that allows it to sit in the hollow of the tree trunk.  It’s quite stunning and I didn’t do it justice.

Done in a Stillman & Birn Zeta (6×9) with a Pilot 78G, followed with Albrecht-Durer watercolor pencils and a waterbrush.


4 thoughts on “Sketching An Inuit Art Piece

  1. A beautiful rendering, Larry, and nice use of water-soluble colored pencils. It looks almost like watercolor, but with more texture.

    • The Albrecht-Durer watercolor pencils provide a very flexible medium. They literally can be used like watercolors as you can completely eliminate the lines made on the paper. You can even ‘lick’ color off them with a waterbrush and mix on a palette if you want. At the same time, it’s very easy to localize lines or narrow bands of color. I just played a bit to reproduce some of the ‘spots’ in the wood as well as the color shifts. Glad you like it as it was mostly an experiment for me.

      Cheers — Larry

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