Sketching Quebec’s Past

Our Musée de la Civilisation has a permanent exhibit of Quebec artifacts.  They are organized roughly along the lines of Quebec’s history, starting with the results of archeological digs and then progessing through 400 years of its history.  Celine Dion is somewhere near the end of the exhibit.

I thought it might be fun to sketch a few of these antiquités and this is the result.  Done in a Stillman & Birn Zeta (6×9) using a Pilot Prera (Platinum Carbon Black) and a Wahl-Eversharp flex nib pen (Noodler’s Lexington Gray).


2 thoughts on “Sketching Quebec’s Past

  1. Some really interesting pieces there! It would be fun to make the cradle and/or table in miniature….what is the last item? I don’t do French!

    • The thing in the bottom right is a small ‘charcoal fire holder’, used in Catholic churches to light candles. The French “Les Temps des Quebeqois” simply means “Quebecois Times” and has nothing to do with that little ‘thingie’. It’s the name of the exhibit where all this stuff resides. And you’re right; that cradle would make a great miniature. Get busy (grin).

      Cheers — Larry

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