Sketching Doors In Quebec

If you spend any time wandering the streets of the old city of Quebec you will notice the doors.  Everywhere you look, it seems, there are magnificent doors.  Some are all wood, some include lots of metal.  Others have sculpted stone frames.  I’ve always told myself that I should sketch them and I finally took a step in that direction.  This is a door at 30 Rue St. Ursule.

I used a Hero 9296 X-fine pen for this sketch.  It’s sort of a poor man’s Pilot Prera.  It has some virtues, not the least of which is that it’s very inexpensive, and some drawbacks.  I’ll probably put together a blog post about it ‘real soon.’


Stillman & Birn Alpha (9×6), Hero 9296, Noodler’s Lexington Gray

2 thoughts on “Sketching Doors In Quebec

  1. More! More! More! OMG, Larry, I’m a total door junkie! I’ve done a series of doors in 1:24 scale miniature ……LOVE doors! And from the looks of your sketch, you have some fabulous examples in Quebec City! It’s a lovely sketch… Please, more sketches of doors??

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