Sketching in Pencil

I met Claudette this morning for a sketching session at the Musée d’Amerique Francophonie.   I want to say this is a tiny museum but it’s actually a fairly big building/facility.  They just don’t have much in it 🙂  But there were a couple pieces that Claudette wanted to sketch so that’s where we went this morning.

I wandered around, looking for something to sketch.  We’ve done group sketching events there on several occasions so I was very familiar with the displays.  So, after wandering a bit, I finally settled on a statue (former mayor I think) as my subject.  Since we’ve been discussing pencil drawing in one of the Facebook groups, and since I know nothing of pencil drawing except that I tend to smear everything I draw, I decided to do this sketch with an HB mechanical pencil.  Definitely a KISS principle drawing.  It’s also a sketch that demonstrates why I use my fountain pens (grin).  It was done on a light gray Canson Mi-Teintes (6×9).