Sketching My Pet Fish

Winter persists.  Attempting to maintain a stiff upper lip, this urban sketcher watches TV, reads art books and longs for warmer days.  Yesterday, I was watching a spring training baseball game, an indication that I won’t have to wait much longer.  I grabbed my small S&B softcover Alpha sketchbook (4×6) and looked around for something to draw.

I decided to draw my pet fish, Oscar.  He’s not a real fish; he’s made of plaster.  That means less to feed but he doesn’t wag his tail as much as live fish do.  Nevertheless, he’s great at posing for a sketcher.  Handsome little guy, don’tcha think?

(4x6) Platinum Carbon Black, Platinum 3776, Abrecht-Durer watercolor pencils

(4×6) Platinum Carbon Black, Platinum 3776, Abrecht-Durer watercolor pencils

5 thoughts on “Sketching My Pet Fish

  1. We all do what we can to get through winter. . . I often resort to self-potraits, and believe me, Oscar is definitely more handsome!


  2. Fabulous fish! Sounds like a great pet. 😉 Since I’m a nature sketcher and live in the woods, I just look out my window in the winter and draw what I see. After tree 438, I get a real hankering for spring also. Totally get it!

    • Glad you like my fish, Tonya. You’re lucky to live in the woods. While I live conveniently close to our historic downtown area, which is great for summer sketching, the piles of snow with bare tree trunks poking out present a rather dismal view from my windows. Good luck drawing that 439th tree 🙂 — Larry

    • Hi Elva, long time no speak. I left Russ’s group long ago because I tired of the few people who wanted to talk fine art as though it was sketching. I always admired that you could do both and knew the difference. Glad you think I’ve improvedl, or are you talking about the size of my belly (grin)? — Larry

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