Sketching St. Jean Baptiste Church

Le Collectif (CALVAQ) organized a sketchcrawl at the Eglise St. Jean-Baptiste on rue St. Jean and we all met at 11:30 after the mass was over.  It was a really nice day and I had a hard time with the thought of going inside to sketch but in I went.

I confess that I find few places less inspiring than the inside of a Catholic church.  I think it must be the gaudy gold everything that turns me off.  But they have one of their old bells on display so I drew it in my Stillman & Birn Beta (6×8) with my TWSBI Mini.


The other sketchers seemed more inspired than I was and everyone was deep in sketching mode when I finished.  All I could think of was the sunshine I was missing out on.  Maybe I was a plant in a previous life.  Anyways, I went outdoors.

Ahh…..”Good morning sunshine…the Earth says Hello…”  Who sang that song?  So long ago.  I wanted to stick with the church theme as that’s what the sketchcrawl was about, but as I walked around the church I couldn’t find a location that gave me a scene that inspired me.  So I walked further away and found a tiny park area that gave me a view of the really tall church steeple.  I sat down in the sun and started drawing, this time with my Pilot Falcon but in the same S&B Beta book.  We had a great day and I hope you like the sketches.


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  1. I would’ve done exactly the same thing — must sketch outdoors when the sun shines! Beautiful steeple!

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