Sketching Together: July 12th

Jean D'ArcFor a while we had regular sketchcrawls in Quebec City.  With each one we gained more and more participants because everyone found them so much fun.  Well, just like the Terminator, “We’re back!”

Yvan Breton has proposed that we have monthly sketchcrawls on the second Sunday of every month.  These will be informal events with time and location suggested but otherwise, it’s up to you to bring your sketching materials and lunch.  You’ll get out of these events what you put into them but most people immediately start enjoying the comaraderie of the events and they learn from each other about techniques, tools, and maybe different ways to enjoy sketching.

Women enjoying the ambiance of Parc Jean D’Arc


Kiosk at the west end of Parc Jean D’Arc

Our first event will take place in Parc Jean D’Arc, on the Plains of Abraham, on Sunday, July 12th.  We’ll start at 9:30 and finish no later than 4:00, with a lunch break somewhere in between.  For more information, Yvan has set up a web page with all the information here.  We hope you’ll join us.

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