Some More Daily Doodles

I thought I’d post some more of my daily doodling, mostly because my doodles from the past couple days have been different than those I posted in my last blog.  Rather than scan these I just took photos of the pages.  Hope that’s ok.

Sometimes I just start doodling and this typically means a labyrinth of pipes and containers.  This little one, done in my scribble book is no exception.

There’s a white, porcelain cookie jar in our kitchen and I did a quick scribble of it in the same sketchbook.

I got to do a few people sketches yesterday.  These were done in a 5×8 sketchbook using a fine Micron pen.

I’m a big fan of France, aka “Wagonized” and I was watching one of her ballpoint pen videos.  While she did a very nice drawing I did this tiny prairie dog in my scribble book using a purple ballpoint pen.  I’ve got to pay more attention to ballpoints.  They sure are handy and CHEAP.

We’ve remained above freezing for the past 24 hours.  This may not seem like much but for us it’s significant.  Some finches showed up at my feeder today too.  Spring is definitely in the air.

4 thoughts on “Some More Daily Doodles

    • Yes, her soft voice combines with with the hatching to provide a very soothing result. As part of my “don’t rely upon hard outlines, I’ve decided to follow her Showing Up At The Page set of drawings/instruction. It should force me to do a lot more hatching and help me continue to think about surfaces rather than edges.

  1. You’ll hate us…. Tina and I sketched (separately) in 72+ degrees today! But it won’t last long. Next week snow might be predicted to reach down to 400 feet, which would be were I live!

    I like these doodles a lot. Gabi has extolled the usefulness of ball point pen. I took a workshop about it from him about 3 years ago.

    I’ll have to look up Wagonized!

    • …I love you guys. Seems I spend more time following Seattle and Singapore than I do following local news. I did go walking in the rain yesterday and that was fun.

      You’re right about ballpoints. I’ve been a diehard fountain pen driver but I’ve got a huge pile of ballpoints that I’ve experimented with lover the years. Each time I find them to be a most useful tool for sketching and my current experience with them is no exception. I just ordered one of Gabi’s “Ballpoint Sketches” books.

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