Some Random Sketches

2015-09-02NotreDameI mentioned that I’m behind in my blogging.  I guess I’m sufficiently behind that I can’t even remember which sketches were done on which days.  The sketch I said I did of City Hall when with my daughter wasn’t done when she was there at all, but rather a day or so earlier (along with a bunch of other ones).  This was the sketch I did while my daughter and I sat near City Hall.  I was experimenting with a washable, red ink and my brush pen got the better of me.  I really think washable inks are better utilized with an actual brush where you can better control the water.

At another time I was waiting for a friend to come by to pick me up and so I doodled a couple sketches like this one.  Same red ink (J.Herbin 1670 Hematite).

2015-09-02FLowerWe’ve been having great summer evening weather lately so there’s been considerable porch sitting.  On one of those occasions I grabbed some veggies and did this quick sketch.  The “mustache book” paper doesn’t handle watercolors very well (it is afterall a 4×6 el cheapo [$2] book from the dollarstore) but such sketches are lots of fun and good practice.  Goodness knows I need all the practice I can get.

2015-09-02StillLifeI do a lot of these kinds of sketches but don’t scan all of them.  I’m just sharing them to illustrate what I do with my little bits of time.

4 thoughts on “Some Random Sketches

  1. i hope you can catch blog 🙂 water soluble inks sometimes gets beautiful results. Did you use it with a brush or putting it into a waterbrush?

  2. Really nice randomness, Larry, especially the City Hall tower with washed ink. The line drawing looks almost black from here, but with the washing — wow! It’s suddenly really red!

    – Tina

    • REALLY RED sure says it all, Tina. That J.Herbin ink literally exploded when it saw water. The waterbrush was also running rich and I lost control of the situation. — Larry

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