Spud Sketching In The Afternoon

Winter is tough on people who like to sketch on location.  We can go to museums, sketch people in coffee shops, and maybe even visit a mall, but there are days when the weather is so bad that we can’t even do that.  What to do, what to do.

Those of you who follow Tina Koyama might have an answer.  You draw fruits and vegetables and since Seattle agreed to take some of the snow headed to Quebec, that’s what she’s been doing.  Recently she ventured beyond bananas, apples and garlic and drew a potato.

I’ve drawn apples, bananas, garlic, pumpkins, peppers, etc. (we get lots of snow), but I’ve never drawn a potato.  Following in Tina’s footsteps, today I drew a potato, or rather two potatoes since that was the road less traveled.

Stillman & Birn Beta (10×7), Pilot Kakuna, DeAtramentis Document Black, Daniel Smith watercolors

4 thoughts on “Spud Sketching In The Afternoon

  1. Yay for spud sketching! They may not be pretty, but at least no one can argue with you about their shape. 😉

    • I’m a sketcher that draws my inspiration from going some place and finding something that motivates me to draw. Thus, I find it very hard to do it at home. I wish I were better at it. Hopefully your ice crust will leave you soon. I’ve got at least another two months of the stuff 🙁

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