St. Charles River Walk

Last weekend I went for a leisurely walk along my river.  There are those, of course, who would point out that I don’t own the river, but I always call it ‘my river.’  Actually it’s the Riviere St. Charles, which is the backbone of a very long, unevenly developed park that runs through Quebec City.  I’m just lucky enough to live within a five minute walk of ‘my river’ and I spend a lot of time walking along it.

When I got to my river on Sunday I found a lot of other people using it.  Seems I was in the midst of the St. Charles River Walk as there were lots and lots of people, each sporting a number pinned to their stomachs, who were participating in the event.

As I walked I realized that the end point for the walk was in a park that’s just south of the bridge near my house so I headed there, figuing there might be something fun to sketch.  I grabbed a bench and did the sketch you see here.

I tried something new, for me.  I made a few organizational marks with pencil and then started adding blotches of color.  Ink lines came later.  I felt like a fish out of water as my watercolor abilities are very limited, but it was still fun.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (9x6), TWSBI Mini, Platinum Carbon Black

Stillman & Birn Alpha (9×6), TWSBI Mini, Platinum Carbon Black

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