Statues In The Sun

I’m getting behind in my scanning and writing but last week, Claudette, Louise and I met in front of the Quebec Parliament to sketch.  Louise needed to sketch a particular statue, which happened to sit in open sun…a hot sun, on a very humid day.

She’s tough.  I’m not, so I started looking around for a subject/shade relationship I could live with.  Most of the single statues in that area are in sun with no shade so in spite of the target rich environment, there were few dark places for a sketch sniper such as myself to hide.

I decided to use the opportunity to do an exercise in cross-eyed complexity, at least for me and sketched a monument with a series of statues associated with it.  At least I could sit in the shade.  I did some other sketches this day but I need to scan them so I’ll talk about those tomorrow.

Statues near Quebec Parliament

Stillman & Birn Beta (9×12), Namiki Falcon, De Atramentis Document Black