Michaud Service – A Limoilu Landmark

One of the fun things about sketching in Quebec City is being able to sketch buildings that have been repurposed and, sometimes, being able to see photos of what the building used to look like.  There are a couple photos of Michaud Service from the 50s but they’re copyrighted and so I’m not going to post them here.

Michaud Service used to be an auto service location, with two large bays and an office area, all accessible from the street side of the building.  There were also several bays whose doors faced north, on the other side of the building.  These days it seems that the north access bays are used for storage while the front of the building houses a couple social service organizations.  My sketch was done as I sat in a small park area on the south side of the building, an area that used to be a parking lot associated with Michaud Service.

In a way, this is a fairly plain building but the huge sign that still resides atop the building, and the somewhat organized graffiti along the south wall just spoke to me.  There was also the matter that I could sit in the sun which kept me from completely freezing as I sketched.  I did high-tail it for home and tea to do the color once I warmed up.

Michaud Service

Michaud Service: Stillman & Birn Alpha (10×7), Pilot/Namiki Falcon, Platinum Carbon Black