Is This Thing On?

I’m hoping this blog is finally working again.  I think my blog got COVID or something because several things broke all at once.  People could access what was there (I think), but I couldn’t post.  I think I’ve gotten things straightened out.

Our “spring” took about two days and we went from frost warnings and wearing coats to a heat wave.  We’re now wearing shorts and sweating a lot.  Go figure.  We’ve been doing work outside, trying to fix things that broke during winter, and encouraging trees and other plants to produce some leaves.  It’s sort of weird to be hitting the mid-80s and not have the trees in full leaf yet.

Mostly, though, this is a test of my blog with fingers crossed that it’s working again.  I’ll post a few pages from my “try this” sketchbook just to give you something to look at.  Hope you can see it (grin)

A Curious Pig

In Quebec City we have a couple restaurants called Cochon Dingue (crazy pig).  In the old city there is one that faces a main street but they have a back entrance on a rather famous pedestrian street full of shops to grab tourist dollars.  Next to the the entrance is a rather plain window that looks in on this backdoor entrance.  It seems I was not the only one interested in that window.

SM-LT watercolor sketchbook