The Collectif Visits The Conservatory

Every year Collectif president Lucienk Provost organizes and event at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec, where we listen to musicians practice for upcoming recitals and we get to draw them.  I really enjoy the event though I sometimes find myself with eyes closed, just listening to the music.

This year I was very much in quick-sketch mode and I did a pile of people sketches, none of which took more than a couple minutes and most of them were pretty messy.  It didn’t matter; it was fun.  Here are a few of them that I added a bit of color to and scanned.

2015-11-27Conservatoire12015-11-27Conservatoire2 2015-11-27Conservatoire3 2015-11-27Conservatoire4

At some point I decided this was an opportunity to draw shoes.  I struggle with shoes when I’m quick-sketching and so I felt studying them a bit more than I have would help.  Here’s a page of shoes that I drew that day.