A Morning At The Museum

I realized that I never posted sketches from my last trip to the museum.  My only excuse was that I was still dealing with the flu and wasn’t much in a blog-writing mood.  But as I looked at them I realized they told a story of the day in a way that only sketches can.

When I arrived at the museum I was feeling ok.  Not great but not good enough that I hadn’t cancelled the trip.  There were five of us and we all headed to the Egypt exhibition.  I realized two things.  I’d forgotten my stool and I’d forgotten my light.

The exhibit is pretty dark so it was hard to find a subject where I could get enough light on the paper to see what I was doing.  I found this little statue (about 40cm high) and if I stood close enough to its glass case, the spotlight that was on it illuminated my paper, sort of, and so I drew.  I remember noting how hard it was to draw something when you stand that close to it.  I used a watercolor pencil to add the color.

2015-11-26StatueBy the time I finished this sketch, though, I felt like I’d been run over by a truck.  I went sat down and stared into the dark for a while, interrupted only by a couple short conversations with students about the drawing above.  Mostly I was waiting for the others to finish as I just wasn’t up to standing and sketching.

Eventually I got up and walked to where Claudette was sketching and sat down to watch her.  She was mostly in the dark but I decided to do a quick-sketch of her.  Mostly I was making it up as it really was hard to see her.  In fact, I completely missed the fact that she had a sweater laid over her shoulders.  We need more light in our museum exhibits (grin).

2015-11-26ClaudetteWhen the others were done we headed to the museum cafe for coffee and to share sketches and to talk sketching.  This must have revitalized me a bit as while we typically leave after coffee, I decided to stop and do a quick sketch of a fishing creel that’s part of a small historic fishing exhibition going on right now.  I guess I felt guilty that I hadn’t accomplished more.

2015-11-26CreelI remember thinking how stupid itwas to be drawing in a museum while feeling the way I do.  I also remember thinking that the dedication to drawing that drew me to the museum was why I can’t understand people who say they don’t have time to draw.


2 thoughts on “A Morning At The Museum

  1. I have been thinking about a stool that I could carry everywhere. It works sketching standing up, but I find I draw more relaxed sitting down, and available seats often decide what ends up in my sketchbook. Ideally, there is a stool out there that folds to A4-size and weights less than a kilo. Or am I having unrealistic daydreams?

    I find that Egyptian figurine quite fascinating. Is that a beard he is holding? Is he a deity of some kind?

    • Hi Victoria,
      Maybe you’d like the stool I carry. It’s called the WalkStool. It’s not cheap but it weighs only 637 grams, and is just a smidge longer than an A4 sketchbook when folded.


      I should have mentioned who/what that guy was. Egyptians placed statues around mummies to scare away evil spirits. The drawn face is actually a mask that is being held up to his real face with the stick in his hands. Seemed odd to me, given that many other examples are simple gargoyle-like statues.


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