The Hurrier I Go…

…The Behinder I get.

In my last post (a week ago), I said I’d just returned from Montreal and that I would post sketches as soon as I scanned them.  I’d forgotten the fact that I’d brought my daughter back with me and we’ve been having a great time but this has prevented me from prepping a Montreal blog post.  In the interim, here are few of the many doodles I’ve done. Nothing special but it is a chance for you to see the stuff that I put in my garbage can (grin).

I’m pretty sure this was done from an internet photos.  I was mostly interested in the hijab because I find them quite beautiful.

The next one was drawn as I was watching Marc Taro Holmes’ Craftsy (now Blueprint) course for the umpty-tenth time.  As he was sketching this model I decided to draw along with him.  Surprise, surprise, his was better 🙂

This one was inspired from one of the many cartoony red mushrooms that people like to sketch.  Me too.

I found this little dog figure at the local junk store.  I buy a lot of junk in the name of “that would be fun to draw.”

This was a very quick sketch of the head of Queen Victoria, the one that got blown off the top of a large statue in Quebec City a few decades ago.  It was done in a few minutes from a photo I took of it at the museum.

I’ll get to the Montreal sketches, and a bunch of other stuff “real soon.”

4 thoughts on “The Hurrier I Go…

  1. Hello Larry, It’s always interesting to see your work. It’s diversified. I guess it was ‘mushroom’ week. I also drew some… 😉
    Waiting to see your work from Montreal.

    • Hi Diane,
      Glad you had fun drawing mushrooms. I always think my scattered approach to my art to be a handicap but it sure is fun. BTW, my “Montreal experiment” told me that my leg is in good enough shape to do it some more if I’m careful so I hope to get to some USK events this summer. I look forward to seeing you.

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