Un Petit Hommage: Vicky Williamson

I was hunting for something in my sketch bag and found one of those tiny Hahnemuhle fan-fold sketchbooks.  I’d never used it.  My first thought was of Vicky Williamson, a sketcher who has done some wonderful sketches in such a book and probably the reason I bought it.

Vicky has always been special to me.  I’ve never met her but I’ve followed her sketching for years.  She’s something of a “tiny” specialist.  She owns half of the small palettes on the planet and most of her sketches are small.  5×8 is a large sketch for her.

Each of her sketches is a little gem and she always has a story to tell about them, whether it’s of a hospital scene, travel sketch, or just a flower or two.  Each shines brightly.

And so I thought I would do a tiny sketch in her honor.  We were putting some odd-shaped (at least to me) marigolds in our garden so the subject was easily chosen.  Only one thing was missing, my Kaweco Lilliput pen.  Vicky uses one often. Hers is copper and mine aluminum, but it seemed appropriate for the task.  I loaded up some DeAtramentis Document Black into it and started drawing.


I used a Micro-Palette that I attach magnetically to my sketch bag drawing board and a simple clip to hold the sketchbook in place. This is my standard on-the-go system and it worked just as well with the tiny sketchbook as it does with my 8×10 S&B books.  I can see why she enjoys sketching small.  The results somehow seem brighter than if done in a larger size.


Vicky writes in her sketchbooks but I’ve always preferred doing that on my blog, so my sketch lacks the complete presentation like Vicky’s sketch pages.  Nevertheless, I was happy with the result and it was fun to walk in her shoes, if only for a while.  Here’s to you, Vicky, for all the inspiration you’ve provided over the years.  Say hi to Bill, Tater and Tot.

4 thoughts on “Un Petit Hommage: Vicky Williamson

  1. I just now happened to check in on your blog (yes, I follow it though I seldom comment), and am completely blown away by this entry — gee thanks, Larry!
    You know I only have a Kaweco Liliput because of your blog post re: yours! As well as a Duke 209 fude pen and a very skinny palette modeled after your bifocal case palette.
    Thank you for inspiring me!

    • I guess a lot of water has run over the dam since we began following on another. I think I’ve gotten the better of that deal in any case. And my little tribute to you got me using my Lilliput again, which is a good thing. Say hi to Tator and Tot for me. — Larry

      • I just recently began using my Liliput as well. The nib had loosened with heavy use so I replaced it with a new one — Love how smooth it lays ink down! I’m using De Atramentis ink cartridges in it (too lazy to fill my own).

        By the way, I love how you captured the marigold!

        Tater and Tot continue to resist my attempts to properly tame and halter them. We don’t know their history before being rescued, and donkeys have long memories. However, they willingly accept carrots and sometimes a touch from me but not from Bill or our son-in-law.

        • Mine has broadened out a bit as well but it now makes wonderful fine lines when inverted 🙂 I’d use cartridges in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to buy them twice to get them shipped to me. I’m set up so that it only takes a few seconds to fill a cartridge with a syringe, though.

          Glad you like the marigold. I’m not good at mimicking other people’s style but I looked at a bunch of your tiny sketches and got as close as I could. Must say I really enjoyed the process.

          As for Tator and Tot, they probably know that being cute goes a long way towards paying the food bill so there’s no need to cuddle up to you.

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