Winter Has Come To Quebec City

More than anything, this post is an X on the calendar to indicate when it got too cold to sketch outdoors in Quebec City.  It’s snowing these days and not very friendly to street sketchers, particularly an Arizona-bred sketcher who hates being cold.

I take the bus everywhere and our system is great because I can sit at home and know exactly when the bus will get to my stop which means I don’t have to stand in the cold.  But, for reasons I can’t explain, the other day I headed to the bus stop without checking my app and sure enough, just as I arrived, the bus was pulling away.

That meant I had ten minutes of standing around.  As luck would have it there was a small bulldozer sitting on the corner of the street so I decided to draw it.  I did this quick sketch of it and nearly finished when the bus came along.

This was done in a cheap 4×6 notebook and so wasn’t suitable for color but I added some anyway.  The end result looked like this.. my last outdoor sketch of the year.  It’s museum time for me.

2 thoughts on “Winter Has Come To Quebec City

  1. And so it begins (or ends). Sorry to hear it! I thought outdoor sketching weather was over here too, but ironically, just yesterday, I was able to stand outside and sketch for 10 minutes, and I was really comfortable. That was probably a fluke, though. “Scattered showers” are predicted for the rest of the week.

    • Yes, and it seems a bit early even for us. The cold is expected but we just got 6-8″ of snow and it’s only mid-November. Montreal just announced that it’s the earliest they’ve had to do snow removal. Anyways, I’m getting acquainted with my snowblower again 🙂 I’m heading to the museum this morning to sketch in the dark 🙂

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