December Croquistes De Quebec Sketchcrawl

We’ve entered the short days of winter and it already seems like we’re living in the dark.  Though our temperatures have been surprisingly warm, it’s become too cold for outdoor sketching, at least for extended periods of tie.  This makes scheduling sketchcrawls more difficult, but Yvan has managed to line up several winter venues for us.


2014-01-19PavLaurentienneThe Croquistes de Quebec sketchcrawl will be held on Sunday, December 13 at Pavillion Laurentienne on the Université Laval campus.  The building contains a cluster of statues that are ideal sketching subjects and there’s a fair amount of comfortable seating as well.   So bring your sketching materials and a lunch and join us at 9:30AM for a fun day of sketching.

We’ll eat lunch at noon and share sketches.  Then, for those interested, we can continue sketching.  More details, including a map are available on the Croquistes de Quebec blog.

2 thoughts on “December Croquistes De Quebec Sketchcrawl

  1. Bonjour!
    Les sorties sont très souvent sur la rive-nord. Je sais qu’il y en aura une dans le Vieux Lévis cette année. J’espère que je pourrai y participer, j’habite à Lévis.
    Suggestions de sortie: parc des Chutes-de-la Chaudière, marina de Saint-Romuald, marina de Lévis, village historique de Saint-Nicolas.
    Merci! Bonne journée!
    Francine Boutin

    • Hi Francine,
      Thanks for writing. You’re right that the five sketchcrawls we’ve had have all been on the north shore. In part that’s because the organizers (myself and Yvan Breton) live on this side of the river and the places are well known to us. The other problem we’re trying to solve is winter – we need indoor places for our sketchcrawls right now and they are hard to find.

      But you’re right that there are many great places for sketchcrawls on the south shore. Yvan and I sketch there often during the summer. All of the places you mention would be ideal places, if we can get permission to hold a sketchcrawl there. Some places are unwilling to let a group of people gather to draw. Do you know of any indoor places in Levis or St. Nicolas that would be interesting for a sketchcrawl? Do you know anyone associated with places that we could contact?

      Thanks for your interest in drawing with us. Maybe we could convince you to drive across the bridge some Sunday and join us this winter. Otherwise, we’ll probably hold outdoor sketchcrawls on the south shore next spring/summer.

      Cheers — Larry

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