First Outdoor Sketch Of 2018

While many are counting spring flowers, Quebec City lags behind planet Earth as we still have lots of snow.  I’m hopeful it will melt away ‘real soon’ and it was with that optimistic view that I decided to go outside and draw.

It was still too cold.  It was windy and  I had to stand up while drawing, something I’m not good at, but by standing against a wall, out of the wind, it wasn’t too bad.  Here’s my first outdoor sketch of 2018.

2 thoughts on “First Outdoor Sketch Of 2018

  1. Yay for the return of outdoor sketching! I did it for the first time a few days ago myself. . . though I admit the temps were in the low 50s, so not exactly snow on the ground. 😉 Don’t fear — spring will come, even to QC.

    – Tina

    • We’ll spend the next month or so with a lot of ups and down when it comes to weather but I should start getting some days of outdoor sketching. Looking forward to it. I’m interested to see how my more limited mobility will affect my sketching locations and subjects. — Larry

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