I’m A COVID Victim… Sort Of.

Today is Sep 22nd.  I’m supposed to be in an operating room, getting my bum knee overhauled.  It’s not happening.  The reason it’s not happening is that some Quebecers felt that having Karaoke night at a bar while others were having large group parties was more important than keeping the COVID case numbers low in Quebec.  We even had a bunch of anti-masker idiots protesting in Montreal just to add some spice.

The result?  We’ve got a couple hundred cases a day of COVID in a province that had successfully suppressed COVID transmission (lockdowns, slow_openings, and mask mandates were doing the job) to almost nothing.  We were having day after day of zero deaths…and then the parties began.

How does this affect me?  Well, I was supposed to have surgery in the spring, but COVID came along and the province shut down all elective surgeries.  That was understandable – they needed the bed space.  But we “flattened the curve” as the media are fond of saying and, just a while ago the surgery troops started working again.  My operation was scheduled, until it wasn’t.  The province has shut down surgeries again and thus I will continue to hobble my way through life.  I take some solace in the fact that those who believe that masks are too much of a bother and cancelling a party is hard on their libido have now given me nowhere to go either.  What is wrong with humans?

But it was apple-picking time here in Quebec and Chantal and Jodie like to pick apples every year so we went last week to pick some.  I confess that I find it a bit odd that you pay a premium to pick your own apples, but they tell me it’s fun and so I go along.  I don’t pick apples, however, I draw them.

5 thoughts on “I’m A COVID Victim… Sort Of.

  1. Hi Larry,
    Bummer that you have to wait to get your knee surgery…. and wait a long time. This dang Covid is affecting us in so many ways. Add wildfires and politics and I just want curl up with a good book and go to another place. I never read ‘pride and Prejudice’ so I’m hoping I’m in for a treat.
    Your apples look delicious. You’ve come so far!

    • I know that feeling well. Pride and Prejudice is a great book. Glad you liked my apples. I should be further along the learning curve I think. I’ve been doing it for nine years, though I feel as though I’ve lost the last two to osteo- and rhumatoid arthritis. Also, I’m coming to realize that one can’t make good progress if everything you do is quick and on location.

  2. Hmmm, those parties and anti-maskers… you sure you didn’t drift over to the U.S. inadvertently? 😉 At least you got out to the apple orchards!

    • Well….you’re closer to the truth than you think. The words from the US version of Voldemort know no borders and there were a whole bunch of pro-Trump signs at the anti-masker gathering 🙁

      The apple orchard was great therapy, though it could have lasted longer. We can only eat so many apples 🙂

  3. Well said. Well drawn. As to the said, our family in Quebec would agree 100% Too many bad apples up to selfish no good. I am grateful you can persistently draw on, in spite of.

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