Mother Nature Continues To Tease This Sketcher

It’s already May and so far I’ve only been able to do three outdoor sketches.  We’re getting some borderline warm-enough days but we’re also getting a lot of rain and wind which has made outdoor sketching difficult at best.

But I was out walking through a light mist, trying to get some exercise when it stopped raining.  I bought my raincoat extra large so that I could wear it over my art bag, so I had that with me.  The concept of sketcher desperation may be foreign to people who live in places with reasonable weather but for me, an ex-Arizona guy living in a place that stretches the truth by saying that we have five months of decent weather, it’s a very real concept.

Anyways, with water dripping from my raincoat, I decided to draw.  I was near a small chapel in Victoria Park and so it became my subject and I quickly drew it on some toned paper I had.   As I drew I realized that this chapel isn’t being used as such anymore as windows and doors all have plywood inserts in them.  I drew it that way and I didn’t add any color until I got home and even then kept it as somber as the day was when I sketched it.  Not my best but it was really great to be breathing outdoor air while moving a pen around.

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature Continues To Tease This Sketcher

  1. Hey, I like those power lines! Seriously, I was starting to think QC’s wires were all buried.

    – Tina

    • Hee hee. Sorry to give the wrong impression from my sketches. Lots of wires in most parts of the city but most of my sketching is done in and around the ‘old city’, which is a UNESCO Heritage City. Founded in 1608, everything inside the wall that encircles this area has to maintain and “old” atmosphere. Even the McDonalds is in an old two-story store building. And things like electricity has to be hidden or it would mess with the ambiance. There are exceptions for operation and safety, of course, but all the electricity is underground.

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