New Restaurant In Quebec

I don’t have an official count but I think Quebec City has more restaurants per capita than most cities on the planet.   I pass no less than 9 of them on my way to a new one that has just opened and I don’t live in what one might call a dining hotspot.

But open it has, a new Vietnamese restaurant named Ubong.  If the outside is any reflection of the inside, though, I’m sure it will be successful as they’ve completely remodeled the building and painted it with this stunning yellow and green paint and trim.

It’s on a well-traveled street and every once in a while I’d have to stop as a truck or bus blocked my view and there was a steady stream of pedestrians, some of whom stopped to say hello.  I really enjoy this part of street sketching.  It was sketched in my Stillman & Birn Zeta (5×8) and I used a Uniball Signo UM-151 (.38) in black, followed by drawing the window and door frames using a brown-black version of the same pen.  W&N artist watercolors added a bit of shadow and color.


3 thoughts on “New Restaurant In Quebec

  1. Larry I had such a nice comment ,and somehow lost it. So, here I go again. Just wanted to say the restaurant looks great in color. I enjoy the detail in your sketch. Flowers, tables in the window, the street signs really add so much to this neat sketch. My town is very small 4,00 plus people so, I sat outside yesterday on a bench on main street and only 3 people walked by me. I got one hello. It is nice to be out there searching Where life and Art happen. I am learning so much from you.

    • Aww…shucks [Larry hangs his head and shuffles feet], those are some kind words, Lynn. Thanks. I’m glad you’re discovering that outdoor sketching has its virtues. Glad you like the sketch.

      Cheers — Larry

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