Not All Quebec City Buildings Are Old

If you only view Quebec City through my sketches you’d think we only had old buildings, all built before the 20th Century.  Part of “artistic license” is the ability to choose my subjects and I do prefer the older buildings.  Quebec City does have modern buildings, however.  They’re just boring, like they are in most cities.

But stick a bunch of flags in the scene, as exist along Boulevard Rene-Levesque near our Grand Theatre and even tall block boxes like the Delta Hotel start to look ok.  The Delta Hotel is still boring, but the flags are cool (grin).

Delta Hotel in Quebec City

Stillman & Birn Alpha (10×7), Pilot Falcon, Platinum Carbon Black

2 thoughts on “Not All Quebec City Buildings Are Old

  1. Hello, I came across your blog while looking for information re Stillman and Birn sketchbooks. I really like your drawings and watercolours. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the sketches of Nigel Peake but he does the most lovely watercolour sketches of buildings. I came across some of his note cards and just had to buy them. There are images of his watercolours online. I’ll be dropping by to your blog etc regularly.

    • Hi Kay,
      Sorry for the delay in responding but I was in Ottawa. Yes, I do know of Nigel Peake’s drawings. Almost a zentangle approach to depicting buildings. Like his style. Glad you enjoy some of my sketches as well. I’m honored.

      Cheers — Larry

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