Sketching The St. Louis Gate In Quebec City

This is a scene I’ve been thinking about ever since Yvan pointed it out to me.  You have to climb to the top of the St. Louis Gate into the old city, and then walk to its south side.  This is the view looking back on the gate tower.

The best part was that early in the morning the gate was in sun, but I could sit in the shade – sketcher ecstasy.  I sketched as a steady stream of tourists wandered the path in front of me.  A couple came to see what I was doing and we had a nice chat about sketching.  People are so nice.

I’m really enjoying the use of my Pilot Falcon fountain pen.  Some suggested, before I bought it, that this pen isn’t fine enough.  Maybe I just got lucky but with a light touch I get a finer line from it than I do from any of my other fine pens, and it handled Platinum Carbon Black wonderfully.  Admittedly it’s a bit pricey but it has become an everyday tool for me which makes the price easier to tolerate.

St. Louis Gatehouse - Quebec City

Stillman & Birn Alpha (10×7), Pilot Falcon, Platinum Carbon Black

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