Self-Distancing On The Street

As I’ve mentioned, we’re isolating right now, along with the rest of Quebec.  It’s been that way since March 12th.  But the ice is now off the sidewalks and while it’s still cool outside (2C when I went out this morning) it’s really nice to go out and walk around a bit.  The streets are rather empty but there is an occasional fellow walker out and about.  I’ve noticed that even though we’re all trying to distance ourselves from everyone (in Canada we have to be 2-meters apart rather than 6-feet as in the US 🙂 but we’re a lot friendlier than normal, saying hi and maybe saying “stay safe” or some other gesture to anyone within shouting distance.

I don’t feel comfortable hanging out in one place but I did stop today and scribbled a quick sketch (about 2 min).  Though crude, it sure felt good to “urban sketch.”  I think I will be doing more of these for the sake of my sanity.  Then again, we’re supposed to get 15cm of snow tomorrow so maybe not (grin)

4×6 sketchbook


4 thoughts on “Self-Distancing On The Street

  1. Good job. Yes, it does feel good to get out to sketch. Our weather here in the Pacific Northwest is warming up. Today it is sunny and 15 C! I agree that it doesn’t feel quite right to stop for long on the street. I’ve done it a bit just in my neighborhood but otherwise, several of us have been sketching from the isolation of a car.

  2. As Kate said above, it was sunny and even warm today! Good to see you getting out for a “real” urban sketch. I’ve been tempted many times to do a quick sketch while out walking for exercise, but I’d feel I should move if someone walked by, so it doesn’t seem like a good idea. Maybe I’ll start earlier in the morning when fewer people are out. Hope you can get out for another quickie soon!

    • Funny how the social dynamics affect how we feel about standing on a sidewalk drawing. I’ve always been a sit down kind of sketcher and one who expects to sit for a long time. I still have a very hard time holding a sketchbook in one hand and pen in the other. Everything wiggles too much 🙂

      From the looks of things, it’s going to snow the rest of today and half of tomorrow. This will generate some real “isolation” but at least it should melt given the time of year. Hope so.

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