Snow In April Ain’t So Bad

We had a snow storm for about 24 hours and got, they say, about 15cm of the stuff.  I didn’t think I’d be able to walk today because of it but it seems our ground is sufficiently thawed and most of it has melted already, leaving the sidewalks suitable for walking.  So, I did.

This time I took a clip with me to hold my sketchbook open while I sketched.  That helped some.  Very low expectations helped more.  I think that if I can expect nothing from 2-3 minute sketches (maybe 5 for this one), done while standing, I won’t be disappointed and I’ll have a little fun.  It was only 1C when I was out and windy but I got to stand next to a wind break while I tried to scribble a likeness of this little Fiat.  I think the proportions are right but the shapes most certainly are not.  Oh well…it’s a generic car sketch 🙂

Platinum Plaisir, 4×6 hardcover sketchbook of unknown origin

2 thoughts on “Snow In April Ain’t So Bad

  1. 1 C??! I-yi-yi… you’re pretty hardy for an Arizona boy! It’s been in the mid-60s F here! Not to gloat or anything. 😉

    • Naw…I’m a real sissy when it comes to cold. When you live on planet Quebec, however, 1C doesn’t sound too bad. Today is supposed to be sunny and we’re supposed to get to 4C but right now (9AM) it’s 1C. It’s crazy to live here, I know 🙂 Then again, I’d rather live here than in the US right now. You and Greg stay safe.

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