Street Sketching On January 8th

Part of the reason for this blog’s existence is to give me a place to document my sketching journey.  Today is a day of recording, not one of presenting good sketches.

I was out for a walk yesterday, in Quebec City, where January high temperatures average around 20F (-7C).  Of course, the low temps are, well lower.  So typically, street sketching doesn’t happen in January.

But as I walked, on the 8th of January, I realized just how warm it was as I took my hat and gloves off because I was overheating.  Some minutes later I came upon one of the impressive old mansions here and I decided to see if I could do a quick-sketch while standing on the sidewalk, in January.


I grabbed my 4×6 toned paper sketchbook and went at it, very quickly, and very loosely trying to capture the house’s complex structure.  I failed miserably but it didn’t matter.  I had sketched on location, outdoors, in January.  I’ve joked with a few climate change denialists that I was planning on selling citrus and palm trees to the residents of Quebec City in the not so distant future.  Maybe I was right.

Since that sketch is so poor, I’ll try to improve the esthetics of the post by showing you my latest “mustache book,”  As much as I love these little books, the felt glasses and mustaches glued to the cover leave much to be desired so I glued one of my sketches to the cover and then covered it with laminating material.  What’cha think?



4 thoughts on “Street Sketching On January 8th

  1. i think classification of sketches as beautiful or bad is not good. Sometimes this attitude discourages new sketchers, so i decided to evaluate all sketches good. If make this sketches you happy, they are all beautiful and priceless. Other issue is personalization of course. It is very beautiful, why do we have to use our sketchbooks as they produced. Bur personalization habit is a bit dangereous thing. First days of urban sketching i was doing litle personalization things and a few mounths ago i started to make my own sketchbooks and i don’t know where to go this personalization thing.

    • If that’s what how you feel, then that’s how you should view sketches. For myself, if I ever lose sight of good and bad in my own work, I will stop learning from my mistakes. I don’t believe in ‘there are no mistakes in art.’ I see and make lots of them. — Larry

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