Taxi Guys Need A Place Too!

Firemen have their firehouse.  Policemen have donut shops. Sketchers have libraries, coffee shops, and street corners.  And taxi cab drivers need a place too.  In Quebec it looks like this:

2013-08-15TaxiStandCAt least the one not far from my house looks like this.  I’m not exactly sure what they do in there but they have a washing machine outside.  I suspect it’s something of an oasis that lets the drivers get out of the car once in a while.  The bright yellow building and the orange background wall conspired to insist that I draw them, and so I did.  Stillman & Birn Zeta (5×8) using a Uniball Signo UM151 pen.  It’s hard for a fountain pen guy to admit it, but I love these pens and their waterproof ink.


2 thoughts on “Taxi Guys Need A Place Too!

  1. I know this place !!! And love it. The yellow really stands out against the orange and I would love to spend a day just watching these cab drivers. You tell a nice story as well Larry as well.

    • …I think watching them would have all the excitement that comes from watching paint dry but you’re welcome to come to Quebec and watch.

      Cheers — Larry

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