Those Egyptians Really Liked Bes

Here’s a couple small  vessels (shot glasses?), each different depictions of Bes, the dwarf god.  They’re part of the Egypt exhibition at our Museé de la Civilisation.  Maybe these were intended to ward off evil spirits from their spirits.  I don’t think the top squares on the green one were intended to look like a hat but they sure do, making it quite funny.

2016-03-10EgyptThese were drawn in an 8×10 Stillman & Birn softcover Alphas series book.  I’m just starting to use this size book but I think I’m really going to like it.  Bigger than the typical 6×9 but much easier to scan than a 9×12.  The softcovers are also so much lighter than hardcovers that it actually weighs the same as a 6×9 hardcover.

2 thoughts on “Those Egyptians Really Liked Bes

  1. You’re sure getting your money’s worth at that exhibit — so many things to sketch! Is that one of the S&B softcover prototypes you received, or have you already gotten some of the new production line? I’m still waiting. . .

    – Tina

    • I do get my money’s worth from my museum membership, though I wish they’d turn the lights on. Most of the exhibits are really dark. Yes, it’s the 8×10 prototype they sent me. I think I really like that 8×10 format. Hopefully we’ll hear something about the actual release of these books ‘real soon.’ I’ve been using one of the ‘old’ 4×6 Alpha softcovers and like it so much that I really like the format and being able to use watercolors effectively in it. Only 3 pages left, though, so I hope S&B get those books out to vendors so I can buy some of them. — Larry

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